List of commands based on categories

You can use these commands to search more easily. You only need to type the part which is bold. The rest of it is optional. So if you were searching for an answer you only need to type :a the rest of it "nswer" is optional.

You can search for a question like this :a How big is the earth?

:answersFind answers to your questions
:blogsBlogs on the web
:bollywoodBollywood music
:booksSearch for books
:concertConcerts in your city
:developerDeveloper resources like,
:dictonaryFind meanings of words
:documentsPDF's, PPT's and other documents on the web
:emailSearch through your mails on Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail..
:encyclopediaSearch on wikipedia and other encyclopedia resources on the internet
:financeMost popular finance sites online
:ftpSearch for files and documents on FTP
:groupsEmails and group discussions on NNTP
:healthHealth related resources online
:imagesSearch for images on the web
:jobsFind jobs online
:localLocal search
:lyricsFind lyrics of songs online
:mp3Search for MP3 files online
:mapsMaps applications
:moviesMovie information on IMDB and other online resources
:musicFind streaming music online
:newsNews from the best sources on the internet
:peopleFind information about people on different social networks
:rapidshareSearch for files and documents on rapidshare
:realestateLook for a home online
:realtimeSearch for things as they happen in realtime
:recipesFind recipes from around the world
:researchSearch for research articles on DeepDyve, Wolfarm|Alpha, Google Scholar etc.
:shopFind things you want to buy online
:socialSearch all the good social networks like Twitter, Digg, Reddit
:sourcecodeLook for source code online
:stockphotosSearch for stock photos from the best sites online
:sportsFind the latest sports news
:tvWatch and search for information about TV programs
:toolsCollection of usefull tools
:torrentsThe best torrent search engines
:travelSearch for information about your destiation
:videoFind and watch videos online
:weatherLook out for the information about weather
:webGeneral web search engines
:webmastersA collection of tools for webmasters

List of mostly widely used commands based on search engines.

This is a list of some commanly used search engine commands. You can easily use the name of any search engine on fefoo as a command. If you don't want the toolbar on top user ; (semicolon) instead of : (colon)

;ebaySearches on
:imdb Find information about a movie on IMDB
:twitter Search for realtime information on twitter
:wikipediaSearch on Wikipedia
;bingSearch using bing
;flickrFind images on flickr
:youtubeSearch for a video on YouTube
:wolframSearch on Wolfarm|Alpha
:piplSearch for any person online.
;urbandictonaryFind meaning of a word on UrbanDictonary

List of tools available in fefoo.

This is a list of tools that are part of fefoo.

:tranlateTranslate a string of a URL to English
;bugmenotAdd it in front of a URL to find the username/password for that site.
;eztweetPost a message on twitter
:keepvidAppend it in front of any video URL like YouTube and get a link to download the video.
;cache Append it in front of a URL to get it from Google Cache
;coralAppened it in front of a URL to get the page from Coral CDN
;kwout Add it in front of a URL to take a screenshot of that page.
;bit.lyApeend it in front of a URL to shorten it and post it to Twitter.
;tinyurlAdd it in front of a URL to shorten it using
;randomUse this command to visit any random site. You can specify a topic.
;yubnubIf you want to use YubNub commands you can use it from fefoo.